Dear All,

This morning, I chose to write down my thoughts about our nation's state of being after recent events. I am writing in part because I am hoping to validate my fear of remaining silent.

My brother checked in on me and asked if all of the unrest in the United States was causing me any issues. As I was preparing to respond, I realized that, in fact, it has caused me some issues.

I have an issue with intolerance. I have an issue with violence. And I also have an issue with violence that stems from intolerance. 

I generally prefer not to identify my politics publicly, on the Internet, or to strangers, but at this point, politics are no longer on the table. What's happening in the United States is a result of fear and the unknowing. Racism happens to people unknowingly now. My heart breaks for all these people dying. My heart also breaks for those committing the acts. They clearly did not know better or have it in their hearts to let go of their worst fears. 

The tragedy of it all is that it will not end until we all stand united. This has not happened in a long time.

My family remembers WWII when Japanese Americans, placed in interment camps, fought for the United States against Japan. Those were some of the most miraculous acts of valor. The lesson learned was not to divide people by race, but to embrace the good in the people and come together to defend our freedom. 

I fear we are making the same mistake over and over again starting with African Americans, Muslims, women, poor people, people with disease, LGBT, immigrants, and any other group we choose to identify as not one of our own. My heart breaks for this country and for the people of the world who live today and experience extreme hatred for things we cannot help. We cannot help any of the ways in which we are born; we can only accept them and make the best of the life we are given.

Many people do just that and make the best of their lives only to fall short by the hand of someone else. The recent murders in our country are unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE. This cannot happen any longer. I invite each and every one of you to use your voices to speak on behalf of the fallen and to honor them by making sure we are heard in this matter. 

There are many ways to get involved to further a cause. Regardless of your political party, there are people working as public servants who can help facilitate a movement. You and I must go to these people and make known that a problem must be corrected.

I hope we can all agree that murder is wrong. In this, we must be united in the cause to seek justice for all. Make no mistake, the “all” I am referring to is all of the people of the United States. We all seek justice for the murders of our fellow Americans. And we do whatever it takes to make sure justice is served. 

Friends, please do not misunderstand. I am not suggesting we riot or act egregiously to further an agenda. The only plan here is to take steps in our everyday lives to improve the lives of others. At present, this requires more than just a few steps. Please consider writing your Congressmen regarding your thoughts and feelings about our current state of being. Get involved with others who disagree with you and participate in discussions about how best to improve conditions. Do not fight. Be happy and honor those who have fallen. ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬


P.S. It occurs to me to also point out the positivity in all of your posts about these recent occurrences. Racism, and even murder, because of racism, have been happening all the time. Only in recent years has it become mainstream news due to the public's ability to protest online. People who would otherwise not hear about this news or vocalize it outside of their homes are now able to share using the Internet. Thanks to the current social media culture, issues that were previously concealed are now on the main stage.

My own personal choice to speak today comes after years of hearing of such tragedies only by word of mouth or non-major news outlets. To be able to see my family and friends all sharing their thoughts about equality really excites me. It seems many of us are joining the public fight for equal rights. Remember, it costs nothing to be a good person.

Dylan Marcus