💛 | ac·quaint·ance
person you have met and do not feel any attachment to

💜 | best·friend
good friend you choose to spend time with often

👬 | bro·ther
male member of your pride

🐶 | doggo
most loyal companion

⚜ | ex·tend·ed·fam·i·ly
anyone in your pack & those closest to them

❤️ | fam·i·ly
anyone you love unconditionally

💚 | friend
person you know who you would go out of your way for
(if asked and convenient)

⭐ | gold·heart
people who have and belong to a wolf-pack in their community

💙 | good·friend
friend you would go out of your way for when asked
(who would do the same for you)

🐾 | life·long·friend
someone who walks by your side for the long-haul

💋 | lov·er
someone who has your heart

🦁 | pride
your immediate family

🤴🏻 | prince
your male soulmate

👸🏻 | prin·cess
your female soulmate

💡 | quote
a person’s words

👭 | sis·ter
female member of your pride

🐺 | wolf·pack
loyal friends who you choose to spend the most time with

Dylan Marcus